The benefits of using support-netting-for-tomatos

Increasing your harvest by installing support-netting-for-tomatos

The question about the tomato being a vegetable or a fruit has hounded consumers for a long time. While scientists will tell you that it is a fruit, those who are interested in tomato as a culinary ingredient will tell you it is a vegetable, The gardener’s concern is, however, focused on whether or not he can improve his tomato harvest with the use of a support-netting-for-tomatos.

support net on vertical for provide plant support
The net provide to your tomato plant the necessary help for that them can get the best growth.

Tomato can be a fruit or a vegetable depending on the point of view taken. Scientists see the tomato as a fruit primarily because of how it develops. Chefs, however, see the tomato as a vegetable primarily because it is used in savory cooking. To solve the confusion, the tomato that grows from the plant that requires support-netting-for-tomatos is a fruit, but when it is used for cooking then it is a vegetable.

The tomato, scientifically known as Solanum lycopersicum, was first called tomatl by the Aztecs. The fruit was then called tomate by the Spaniards until it became popularly known as tomato. Known for their mouth-watering dishes, the Mexicans and Spaniards have concocted many dishes with tomato as an ingredient. Even if they are generally known as fruits, the tomatoes have become a mainstay of most dishes including salads and sauces. With most savory dishes containing tomatoes, it has become a staple in home kitchens and most especially in commercial kitchens. To grow them properly, there is a need to use support-netting-for-tomatos.

tomato crops with support net
The support net helping to your crops to get the best development and the best quality of the harvest.

Tomatoes produce fruits all year round but gardeners need to provide support-netting-for-tomatos since their stems are weak and can sprawl all over. It is also important to provide support-netting-for-tomatos since each fruit can be heavy and can pull the stems down. With proper support or stake, the fruits are able to grow healthier without bruises at all.

Aside from their gastronomical value, tomatoes are highly in demand because of their health benefits. Tomatoes are filled with nutrients and are often referred to as super food. It contains phytochemicals such as the antioxidant lycopene which, when regularly taken in, can lower the risk of getting heart problems. While the tomato’s Vitamin C content is reduced when it is cooked, its lycopene content increases. It is best to choose very red tomatoes as it contain more beta carotene. By providing support-netting-for-tomatos, you ensure you get better quality tomatoes for your meals. Aside from lycopene, tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin K, folate and potassium.

Ironically, people used to think that tomatoes were poisonous because it belonged to the nightshade family. The berries of the deadly nightshade plant have become infamous as one of the most toxic as the entire plant contains poisonous alkaloids that can cause delirium. It is not just the tomato, but there are also other edible plants that belong to the nightshade family including potatoes, peppers and eggplants. Despite this, tomatoes are commonly grown in backyard gardens that make use of support-netting-for-tomatos.

trellis net installed on tomato crops
You can grown in backyard using the support net, for that they get a good development

Today, tomatoes are highly in demand both for their culinary and health benefits.With lifestyle diseases such as coronary diseases, cancer and hypertension on the rise, people are now more conscious about what they eat. Thus, more people now avail of support-netting-for-tomatos to enable them to grow the plant in their gardens for regular use.  Free radicals abound in the environment which explains why cancer is prevalent in our society. One of the best ways to combat free radicals is regular intake of healthy fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes. Its beta-carotene content can protect you against prostate and colorectal cancers.

The use of support-netting-for-tomatos will give you more tomatoes come harvest time. If you are on a diet or you want to maintain an ideal weight, then having a regular supply of tomatoes in your garden will be a life saver. Tomatoes are high in fiber so make sure you have cherry tomatoes in your kitchen every time you need to make a salad. A high-fiber diet is also ideal for those who have diabetes.

Growing tomatoes is easy if you know how to take care of them. There are different types of tomatoes so it is best to grow those which you often used in your cuisine. Salad lovers want tiny tomatoes on their plates so the best type to grow is the cherry tomato. These bite-sized tomatoes have several varieties including the Sweet Million, Sun Sugar and the Black Cherry.

tomato plants using trellis net
Exist many varieties of the tomato color: red, blue, green inclusive, of purple color.

If you think all tomatoes are red then you better think again. The Green Zebra will amaze you with its striped yellow and dark green colors. If you’re lucky then you will be able to find blue or purple tomatoes which start as green fruits but ultimately become dark purple when ripe. Tomatoes also come in all sizes and shapes. Instead of the usual round tomatoes, the Roma tomatoes which are popular for canning are somewhat slender and elongated. When it comes to size, nothing beats the beefsteak tomatoes. These tomatoes are not only large but are resistant to disease and delicious as well.

Tomatoes are not just great for salads and gourmet dishes. A good harvest of tomato during summer will give you a bountiful supply which you can preserve and use later on. Tomato sauce and tomato paste are important ingredients in making pasta and other dishes. By processing your tomatoes, you will have enough supply for these dishes at any season.

No matter what type of tomatoes you grow in your garden, make sure to use support-netting-for-tomatos to keep them healthy while they grow and especially when they are ready to bear fruit. This way, you get plants that are not only clean but are also easy to harvest. You can be imaginative when choosing what type of support to use for your tomatoes. You can use stakes, grills or even a trellis for as long as it suits your budget and location.

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